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All About Eve

Who is Eve? Eve is my daughter. Most people, even those who know me, don't know this. You see, I miscarried her at 20 weeks. I would love to say I miss her every day and I think about her frequently. The truth is I don't. Why? Well, because I never got to hold her, see her face; I didn't get to see her laugh and play, give me attitude or watch her discover the world. She didn't get to live and because I didn't get to see her live it is really easy for me to forget my precious little girl. 

I have another daughter, she is 13 and like many girls her age she thinks and worries she isn't good enough, smart enough or pretty enough. She is afraid to live, to be herself so much of the time. 

Teen girls today are bombarded with so many negative voices and images of what they should look like and act like; T.V., magazines, social media, and clothing stores and unfortunately the vast majority of these images revolve around sex. Even more unfortunate, most of these teens have bought the ideas they are selling. If you want to be valued, if you want to be good enough, you have to be more attractive, more sexual and more physically appealing!  This is such a belittling and demeaning attitude toward girls and women. Teen girls, ALL GIRLS, have so many amazing qualities! They are smart, fun, creative, bold and so much more! Why do we as a society focus so much on the one quality? Particularly our fashion industry?

So here I am, with one daughter that is too easy to forget, because she never got a chance to live and another daughter who is afraid to live in a world that mostly seems to value one thing.  So I did what any good mother would do, bit off WAY more than I could chew, and started a clothing store for teen girls, Always Eve. To remember the daughter that didn't get the chance to live and a place my other daughter could go to learn to believe in herself and build up her many amazing talents and gifts. Where ALL young women can shop for clothes that inspire qualities such as creativity, elegance, or athleticism. I want their ENTIRE experience from every post and advertisement they see, my website and clothes, to the package they get in the mail, to help build them up and help them find and unlock all their true worth and amazingness they hold inside! Each and every teen deserves to truly live as they were meant to live!